Garden History

The Garden History section researches various aspects of Jersey horticultural history. The section holds details of many leading gardens in the island, recording their history and particulars of significant planting and design.

Anyone interested in Garden History is welcome to join us.


The section is also researching plants, plant nurseries and vineyards in Jersey from 1800. Gardeners and old horticultural equipment are of interest; as are plant diseases and chemicals used in the past to gain control. An overview of all island cemeteries is also underway. The section is also helping to locate, record and identify old camellias in the island.

Some of our summer meetings are taken outdoors, viewing e.g. walled kitchen gardens or mazes or restoration of manor gardens. Occasionally we have talks by garden historians about specific areas of interest e.g. old gates,  history of garden design illustrating distinguishing features , and Jersey farm gardens.

The Section closely follows the work of The Gardens Trust (which replaced the Garden History Society). It is a charity, run by trustees, whose aim is to protect and conserve landscapes. The Trust encourages vibrant scholarly research, and has extensive contact with members through lectures, zooms, e-bulletins and newsletters. They have an active school’s programme as well.