Anniversary blog series

Freelance writer, Martha MacDonald is working with Société Jersiaise throughout this anniversary year. In this series, Martha will delve into the archives and meet with the researchers, sample the Sections and celebrate all that the Société brings to our Island.

150 years of the Société Jersiaise

Dedicated to deepening our understanding of our Island home across a range of specialised areas of interest, the Société celebrating a century-and-a-half of research this year is a real milestone for the Jersey community

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The Green Books Collection: An Occupier’s view of the Island

As we approach 78 years since the Channel Islands’ Liberation, those of us who did not live through that period are once again confronted by the difficulty of fully understanding the harsh realities of the Occupation.

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Conference: Past, Present & Future, 1873-2023

The Société Jersiaise is an organisation built on the pursuit of knowledge, across many different disciplines, to deepen our understanding about Jersey’s history, culture, language and environment.

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An homage to Jersey’s “ingenious” architect 

Coinciding with the Société’s 150th anniversary year is another significant date for one of Jersey’s most notable architects and engineers, Adolphus Curry.

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Looking to the future by excavating the past 

Martha MacDonald in conversation with Field Archaeologist Dr. Hervé Duval-Gatignol 

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Clianthus Trilium Corylopsis, Ozarda, St John, Spring 1984

Digging over old ground and planting new seeds

Martha MacDonald in conversation with Garden History Section Chair, Pat Jackson.

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