Grants & Scholarships

The Millennium Fund for Research Fellowships and Grants

The purpose of this Fund, established to mark the Millennium, is to promote high-quality academic or scholarly study of Jersey’s history and cultural heritage. There are huge gaps in this knowledge and it is hoped the fund will encourage students to take the opportunity to close some of these gaps. 

The aim is also to encourage prospective MA and PhD students, and independent researchers also capable of producing substantive work outside the university system that meets scholarly standards for publishing and/or dissemination. The fund is not restricted to Jersey applicants, or those studying at British universities.   

Jersey’s history and cultural heritage is understood in a broad and inclusive sense, covering everything in the Island’s past up to the present day.  The main focus has to be Jersey, but it is recognised that the Island’s history and cultural heritage can rarely be fully understood in isolation. The other Channel Islands, Britain, France, and other parts of the world in relation to Jersey’s maritime, economic or migration history, for example, may play a large and indispensable part in any study.   

Read the Millenium Fund Constitution and learn about the application process below.

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Roderick Dobson Award

The Société Jersiaise is reviving an awards scheme established in memory of Roderick Dobson, one of Jersey’s most distinguished field naturalists.  The award, originally intended to recognise original field work by school pupils, is now being widened to include school leavers, students, mature naturalists and even groups.  The Société Jersiaise has also decided to encourage proposals as well as finished work.

Applicants may put forward a detailed synopsis of a proposed area of study backed up by an explanation of why an award would be justified.

Awards of up to £1500 would be made on the understanding that the proposals would result in hard copy suitable for publication.

Read the Roderick Dobson Award Constitution and learn about the application process below.

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For further details on any of the funds please contact the Société Jersiaise