Photographic Archive

The Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive (SJPA) supports the mission of the Société Jersiaise, in serving the community and facilitating research.

The Société Jersiaise is an educational charity concerned with the history, language, culture and environment of the island of Jersey. The SJPA serves this purpose by preserving and providing access to records. The archive is a unique and important cultural heritage asset for Jersey, documenting our archaeology, geology, ecology, economy, community, architecture and culture through 150 years of producing and collecting photographic materials.

Our full catalogue is now available via a single shared online database with Jersey Heritage, use the link below to explore. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a member of staff and make an enquiry.

The Archive Service

The archive serves both the organisational needs of the Société Jersiaise and those of our island community. The Société Sections are volunteer-led research groups specialising in specific fields. The SJPA serves the Sections by collecting records relevant to their area of research and as a repository for the records the Sections produce. The archive also holds many commercial and private collections, covering all aspects of life, learning, work and play. The archive is, therefore, the heritage of all and the SJPA seeks to both serve and reflect all aspects of our community and our diverse cultural identities.

Our commitment to open access and active engagement with records are how we support the mission of the Société Jersiaise and enrich our community.

Images from the archive are available for commercial use, our standard rates are available here.


In 1992 the Photographic Archive (SJPA) was established to implement appropriate collections management policies for the photographic collections held by the Société Jersiaise Library. From its foundation, the Société actively encouraged the use of photography in achieving its aims, resulting in the natural accrual of photographic materials. In 1927 Emile F. Guiton was appointed to manage the Library’s first cabinet for housing photographic records. The collection acted as both a repository of research resources relating to Jersey, and as a record of the work carried out by the Société’s Sections and Departments. Today the SJPA is responsible for over 140,000 records and is Jersey’s primary repository for photographic materials; as described in the shared collections management policy between Jersey Heritage and the Société Jersiaise, which came into effect in 2019. 

Mission and Policies

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Mission Statement