Since its foundation in 1873, the Société Jersiaise has used publishing as means to share knowledge of Jersey’s history, culture and environment.

We could not do this without generations of historians, researchers, academics, translators and educators who have chosen to publish at the Société.

The Société is a registered charity in Jersey, our publishing output forms a key part of our educational purpose. We encourage open access and we will never request funding from authors to facilitate this, however, we will accept sponsorships of specific titles from individuals and organisations. The Société is not in a position to pay authors unless contracted to produce work in advance, and due to our business model, we are also unable to pay royalties.

For any accepted proposals, the Société Jersiaise commits to cover the costs of editing, producing and distributing any work, subject to the acceptance terms and conditions. Whilst we are growing our digital media capabilities to meet the needs of our community, we remain committed to the need for print media alongside digital, to ensure access for all.

Are you looking to publish?

We encourage anyone considering writing and publishing to get in contact with us 
as early in the process as possible, as we may be able to assist with the direction and
planning of your proposal. As you begin to plan your work it is always good to consider
the following points.


It may seem obvious but think about what you want to achieve with your work. What is it you are looking to inform people about?


Who are you aiming your work at? This is just as important at an early stage as the intended audience should inform the direction and style of the work.


What material do you have, and what content do you still need to deliver your intended message? This will help to identify areas where further research is needed. In relation to your target audience, It is also worth considering how these groups engage with various media and how can you shape your work to ensure that they understand.


It is always worth researching others working in the same area as you. Is anyone else working towards a similar end, are there any recent or planned publications on a similar subject?

With a clear understanding of the above, you will be in a good position to submit a publication proposal to the Société Jersiaise. Read our Infomation for Authors document for more details.

For more information on publishing at the Société Jersiaise read our guide

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