Archaeology Department


In the first two weeks of July, the Archaeology Department has been involved with the Archaeological Summer School run by JICAS, especially for the excavation of the Hougue de Vinde, St Brelade. Under the direction of Dr Helen Dawson and Dr Hervé Duval, two trenches have been done inside this monument with the help of the students. The architecture of the cist-in-circle has been partially discovered and recorded, alongside other archaeological features. So far, the dating is likely to be from the Late Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age period. This programme is running until 2025 and other test pits will be done next summer. Jersey residents are able to sign up for next year. The CBA Festival of Archaeology happened during the two last weeks of July. A few visits of sites were organized, as well as a film screening about Neanderthal. David Geoffroy, the film maker, attended the event and is motivated to work on a film based on Jersey’s archaeology in the years to come.