Megalithic Routes Annual General Meeting and conference


Last month, the Société as one of a growing number of members welcomed delegates from European Megalithic Route of Culture to the Island. To quote from the Council of Europe’s website, the Cultural Routes of Europe were launched by the Council in 1987, to “demonstrate, by means of a journey through space and time, how the heritage of the different countries and cultures of Europe contributes to a shared and living cultural heritage”. There are now 47 very varied and different established Cultural Routes

The European Route of Megalithic Culture was established in 2013 and we joined as the Jersey member few years later.  The Société hosted the annual general meeting and conference on the 3rd April boasting representatives from several European countries, as well as one as far away as Australia!. This was followed by a dinner in a Town restaurant in the evening, and on the 4th, we did a tour around the Island visiting a Jersey’s megalithic and other sites.

Interestingly, on visiting Gorey Castle, the “Iron Age” remains in the Inner Ward, caused several members of the group to ask the question as the whether the stones are not in fact megalithic and the remains of a Neolithic structure bearing in mind its east – west alignment? What this space for some research on this matter!