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Books recently published and added to the Library’s catalogue in 2022

Books recently published and added to the Library’s catalogue in 2022:
– Burtinshaw, Kathryn, Lunatics, imbeciles and idiots: A history of insanity in nineteenth century Britain and Ireland. Pen & Sword History, 2017.
– Shaw, Jennifer L., Exist otherwise: the life and works of Claude Cahun. Reaktion Books, 2020.
– Hoade, Bill, George Shepherd: Art & life, 1784-1862., 2021.
– King, Jacqueline . Cake for the Gestapo. Zun Told, 2020.
– Cressy, David, England’s Islands in a sea of troubles. Oxford University Press, 2020.
– Shepherd, Michael, Behind wire . 2020.
– Bauduin, Pierre, Transferts culturels dans les mondes normands médiévaux (VIIIe-XIIe siècle) : objets, acteurs et passeurs. Brepols, 2021.
– Henigfeld, Yves, La Céramique dans les Pays de la Loire et en Bretagne : de la fin du Xe siècle au début du XVIIe siècle. Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2021.
– Heys, John, My Journey through life: a Jerseyman narrates his life and times. Amazon, 2021.
– Brown, Donald, Broken monuments of my great desires: Sir Walter Ralegh revealed through his writing. Amazon, 2021.
– Crowden, James, Cider Country: how an ancient craft became a way of life. HarperCollins Publishers, 2021.
– Kempster, Elizabeth, Memoirs of a Jersey girl. Sid Harta Books & Print Pty Ltd, 2021.
– Crossan, Rose-Marie, Criminal Justice in Guernsey 1680-1929. Mòr Media Limited, 2021.
– Mawson, Gillian, Britain’s wartime evacuees: the people, places and stories told through the accounts of those who were there. Frontline Books, 2021.
– Barrau, Julie; Bates, Davis, Lives, identities and histories in the Central Middle Ages. Cambridge University Press, 2021.
– Arzelier, Ana. Peuple des dunes : des Gaulois sous la plage : une communauté gauloise du littoral normand. OREP Éditions, 2021.
– Cumberlidge, Peter and Jane, North Brittany and Channel Islands: cruising companion. A Yachtsman’s pilot and cruising guide to ports and harbours from the Alderney Race to the Chenal du Four. Fernhurst Books, 2021.
– Jones, Mari C., Glossary of the Norman language in the Channel Islands. Blue Ormer Publishing, 2022.
– Byrne, Penny, Inspiring women of Jersey. Independent Publishing Network, 2022.
– Sturdy Colls, Caroline; Colls, Kevin, ‘Adolf Island’: the Nazi occupation of Alderney. Manchester University Press, 2022.
– Burnal, Paul, Atlantic Wall in Jersey: the German fortifications of Jersey 1940-1945. 2022.
– Rodwell, Warwick, Hamptonne and the archaeology of vernacular houses in Jersey. Société Jersiaise, 2022.
– Worsfold, David , Operation Aerial: Churchill’s second miracle of deliverance. Sabrestorm Publishing, 2022.
– Sandeman, Marie, If these lines survive: a mother’s journal of the German Occupation of Jersey 1940-1945 written for her absent sons. Amazon, 2022.
– Kerlorc’h, Gilles, Îles Anglo-Normandes : carnet de voyage. Éditions Blue Ormer, 2022.
– Tickell, Jerrard, Appointment with Venus. Manderley Press, 2022.
– Boleat, Mark, Jersey’s population: a history. Société Jersiaise, 2022.
– La Poèt’tie, Small Island, big dreams. Juliette Hart, 2022.
– Djindjian, François, Les Sociétés humaines face aux changements climatiques. Volume 1 : La Préhistoire des origines de l’humanité à la fin du Pléistocène. Volume 2 : La Protohistoire, des débuts de l’Holocène au début des temps historiques. Archaeopress Publishing, 2022.
– Williams, Howard, Public archaeology of treasure. Archaeopress Publishing, 2022.
– Clifford, Elle; Bahn, Paul, Everyday life in the Ice Age: a new study of our ancestors. Archaeopress Publishing, 2022.

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