Lord Coutanche Library Update


The Library will be closed from the 19th of December 2022 to the 2nd of January 2023, and will reopen on the 3rd of January 2023.

The annual Closed Period for the Library, for stocktaking and projects, will be from the 23rd of January to the 3rd of February. We will be open again for reading and enquiries on Monday 6th of February.

The Librarian wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

Many books may be borrowed by Members, so come in and see if there is something you would like to take home.

Books recently published and added to the Library’s catalogue in 2022:
– Burtinshaw, Kathryn, Lunatics, imbeciles and idiots: A history of insanity in nineteenth century Britain and Ireland. Pen & Sword History, 2017.
– Shaw, Jennifer L., Exist otherwise: the life and works of Claude Cahun. Reaktion Books, 2020.
– Hoade, Bill, George Shepherd: Art & life, 1784-1862. hoade-ink.com, 2021.
– King, Jacqueline . Cake for the Gestapo. Zun Told, 2020.
– Cressy, David, England’s Islands in a sea of troubles. Oxford University Press, 2020.
– Shepherd, Michael, Behind wire . 2020.
– Bauduin, Pierre, Transferts culturels dans les mondes normands médiévaux (VIIIe-XIIe siècle) : objets, acteurs et passeurs. Brepols, 2021.
– Henigfeld, Yves, La Céramique dans les Pays de la Loire et en Bretagne : de la fin du Xe siècle au début du XVIIe siècle. Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2021.
– Heys, John, My Journey through life: a Jerseyman narrates his life and times. Amazon, 2021.
– Brown, Donald, Broken monuments of my great desires: Sir Walter Ralegh revealed through his writing. Amazon, 2021.
– Crowden, James, Cider Country: how an ancient craft became a way of life. HarperCollins Publishers, 2021.
– Kempster, Elizabeth, Memoirs of a Jersey girl. Sid Harta Books & Print Pty Ltd, 2021.
– Crossan, Rose-Marie, Criminal Justice in Guernsey 1680-1929. Mòr Media Limited, 2021.
– Mawson, Gillian, Britain’s wartime evacuees: the people, places and stories told through the accounts of those who were there. Frontline Books, 2021.
– Barrau, Julie; Bates, Davis, Lives, identities and histories in the Central Middle Ages. Cambridge University Press, 2021.
– Arzelier, Ana. Peuple des dunes : des Gaulois sous la plage : une communauté gauloise du littoral normand. OREP Éditions, 2021.
– Cumberlidge, Peter and Jane, North Brittany and Channel Islands: cruising companion. A Yachtsman’s pilot and cruising guide to ports and harbours from the Alderney Race to the Chenal du Four. Fernhurst Books, 2021.
– Jones, Mari C., Glossary of the Norman language in the Channel Islands. Blue Ormer Publishing, 2022.
– Byrne, Penny, Inspiring women of Jersey. Independent Publishing Network, 2022.
– Sturdy Colls, Caroline; Colls, Kevin, ‘Adolf Island’: the Nazi occupation of Alderney. Manchester University Press, 2022.
– Burnal, Paul, Atlantic Wall in Jersey: the German fortifications of Jersey 1940-1945. 2022.
– Rodwell, Warwick, Hamptonne and the archaeology of vernacular houses in Jersey. Société Jersiaise, 2022.
– Worsfold, David , Operation Aerial: Churchill’s second miracle of deliverance. Sabrestorm Publishing, 2022.
– Sandeman, Marie, If these lines survive: a mother’s journal of the German Occupation of Jersey 1940-1945 written for her absent sons. Amazon, 2022.
– Kerlorc’h, Gilles, Îles Anglo-Normandes : carnet de voyage. Éditions Blue Ormer, 2022.
– Tickell, Jerrard, Appointment with Venus. Manderley Press, 2022.
– Boleat, Mark, Jersey’s population: a history. Société Jersiaise, 2022.
– La Poèt’tie, Small Island, big dreams. Juliette Hart, 2022.
– Djindjian, François, Les Sociétés humaines face aux changements climatiques. Volume 1 : La Préhistoire des origines de l’humanité à la fin du Pléistocène. Volume 2 : La Protohistoire, des débuts de l’Holocène au début des temps historiques. Archaeopress Publishing, 2022.
– Williams, Howard, Public archaeology of treasure. Archaeopress Publishing, 2022.
– Clifford, Elle; Bahn, Paul, Everyday life in the Ice Age: a new study of our ancestors. Archaeopress Publishing, 2022.

Valérie Noël