Lord Coutanche Library and digitisation of newspapers


The project to improve access to our collections and preserve our heritage for future generations is progressing well.

In May, we sent a new batch of newspapers to TownsWeb Archiving in UK for digitisation. A total of 26 titles, around 35,000 pages will be digitised.

Another two titles, around 35,000 pages, will be sent for digitisation in September, la Nouvelle Chronique (1855-1916) and Le Constitutionnel (1820-1854).

Once digitised, the newspapers will be available online on the Société Jersiaise website.

La Voix des Iles1873-74
Jersey Punch/Voix des Iles1873-74
Soleil de l’Île de Jersey1792-1798
Magasin de l’Île de Jersey1784-1785
Jersey Magazine, or monthly recorder1809-1810
Gazette de Cesaree1809-19
L’Observateur Chrétien1833
La Réforme1853
Le Miroir1840-1842
La Lanterne Magique1868-73
Gazette du Commerce1834-38
Jersey Leader (loose sheets)1935-1938
The Morning Express1861
La Ligue1858-60
Le Jersiais1838-1843
Jersey Loyalist1825-1831
Jersey Reformer1890-1892
Jersey Argus1835-1837
Jersey Independent and Daily Telegraph1858-1863
Jersey Times1832-1835
La Patrie1849-1852
[Alexandre] Gazette de l’Île Jerseyaoût 1786 – déc. 1796
[Stead’s] Gazette de l’Île JerseySept. 1797-1814
[Mourant] Gazette de l’Île Jersey1800-1835