La Langue Jèrriaise Section Relaunch


Interest in our Jersey language has grown considerably over the last few years, thanks to all those who have worked tirelessly to keep it alive. The Jerriais Section feel that the time has come to provide more opportunities for all those learning/speaking/with an interest in Jerriais to hear it, use it  and develop knowledge outside of their classes. The Section also recognise that there are several different Jerriais groups on the island who may benefit from their support or simply from knowing what the others are doing.

To this end, they are planning to reinvigorate the Société section for La Langue Jerriais, starting with a meeting on Wednesday November 2nd in the Members’ Room at the SJ at 5.30 (for a max. of 1 ½  hours).  

This meeting is open to all to gather ideas. All SJ members are welcome, as are members of the other interested groups – The Jerriais teachers and their students, Jersey Heritage, Don Balleine, Assemblie Jerriais and the Jerriais Advisory group.

Suggestions for a new ‘constitution’ for the section is  below to be discussed on the 2nd – comments and suggestions would be appreciated. The new section will have a ‘president et segrétaithe’ but it is very much hoped that all members will make suggestions and contribute to events, as they feel able.

The Société Jersiaise Section for the Langue Jèrriaise (SJSLJ) will:

  1. Hold monthly meetings as convenient (eg 5.15-7.00 on the 1st Wednesday of the month). Meetings will be conducted in Jèrriais as far as is possible and might include the following activities: Visits, Presentations, Cooking, Games, Readings, Writing etc.
  1. Organise/support  occasional special events to enhance Jerriais
  1. Contribute to Société Jersiaise publications as appropriate eg. E.News, Facebook, Bulletin.
  1. Work with the Jèrriais groups on the island: Jèrriais Teachers, Jèrriais Promotion, Lé Don Balleine, L’Assemblié Jerriais, L’Académie, The Jerriais Advisory group and Le Congres.
  1. Communicate with Section members re events being run by the Section and other Jèrriais groups