Open Day


Our Open Day on Saturday 4th November was a huge success, and it was a great opportunity for all the Sections to come together and share their work, presenting it to the public, and to each other.

I know that many people put off their storm damage work in order to attend, and this was really appreciated.

We are most grateful to all the Section members who came out in force, and for their preparative work.

Despite reservations about whether to postpone or continue, and amidst various challenges, the Open Day feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.

The presentations by the Sections were interesting and informative, and I am glad to report that we sold many books and several memberships throughout the day.

The Lieutenant-Governor, Vice-Admiral Jerry Kyd was scheduled to spend an hour with us, and he ended up staying for more than 2 and a half hours, so enthusiastic was he about all the work carried out by the Société!

Many thanks to everyone who attended and to Simon Langlois for his photos which give a wonderful impression of the day.