Field Archaeology


Following the start of a Collective Research Project in 2022, the first report of this work on the “Connections between Western Normandy and the Channel Islands during the Second Iron Age” has been produced. It offers an overview of all the archaeological sites and finds related to this period found in the Channel Islands and in the Manche Department (France) and will hopefully be seen as the starting point of an international collaboration between our different institutions and countries. The project, directed by Hervé Duval (Société Jersiaise), Philip de Jersey (Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery) and Anthony Lefort (INRAP) also involves colleagues and collaborators from Jersey Heritage and the CReAAH Laboratory (Rennes, France). After a period of time involving archaeological surveys and study of archaeological material, new excavations might be put in place within the next few years. The report shall be translated into English later this year and a copy will be put in the Lord Coutanche Library.

From the 17th to the 21st of April, Hervé has been co-directing an archaeological survey (Fieldwalking, Metal detecting and Geophysics) at Péaule (Morbihan, France) with Yann Dufay-Garel (Éveha) on a fortified site controlling the river Vilaine. This project was funded by the DRAC (French Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs) as part of a Research Program. The methodology adopted for the fieldwalking proved to be very efficient and will be used in Jersey for the sessions conducted by the Field Archaeology Department with the help of the Archaeology Section. A talk could be organized for the Members as soon as the study of the archaeological material will be over and the results of the geophysics will be known.