Field Archaeology Department


The beginning of October was marked by the start of geophysical surveys conducted in the areas close to Le Câtillon in Grouville, as part of a research project initiated by the Field Archaeology Department. A team of geophysicists from INRAP (National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research) came and work on site between the 3rd and 35th of October 3rd, using a methodology combining magnetic and electromagnetic surveys. The area covered more than 10 hectares, which was made possible by the use of a quad bike. To date, this acquisition is the largest ever done on the island. We would like to thank the entire team as well as the landowners who agreed to make the land available during this operation.

Later this month, a volunteer, Emilia McCammon, worked for the Department on the subject of Jersey’s peat beds. She went through some of the publications and started a database and a distribution map of the known sites. These peat beds hold a remarkable archaeological potential as they have the capacity to preserve artifacts and Eco facts dating back several thousand years. Since the initial research conducted by the Société Jersiaise at the beginning of the XXth century, many new sites and discoveries have emerged. Emilia’s work is therefore intended to compile a synthesis of knowledge on this subject.