Architecture Section


Members of the Architecture Section have been active in a number of areas in the last few months. A detailed survey of architectural features is continuing on the Havre des Pas area where there is a wealth of exterior ceramic tile, ironwork, leaded lights and plasterwork.

ironwork, decorative tiles, leaded lights at The Rest, Green Street

The most recent activity was a walk led by Stephen Rylance, ironworker, examining the wide range of styles and the constructional techniques of iron railings spanning over a century. A visit to Stephen’s workshop is to be held shortly.

Green Street, Greencourt, gates

Trudy Mirza is continuing her intensive study of the work of the well-known architect Adolphus Curry, aided by a collection of original drawings that are now being digitised. Visits to some of these buildings are being planned. At a recent Section meeting there was a lively discussion about the idiosyncratic decorative detail of two buildings thought to be designed by Curry.

Les Chalets

Shane Sweeny is continuing his research on a number of notable villas around the Island, revealing not just who built them, but also the network of interconnections between architects, developers, and clients.

Glanville, St Mark’s Road

At future meetings Jeremy Percival will be examining two buildings designed by Arthur Grayson, a very familiar name to those interested in local 1930s architecture, and Richard le Sueur will give what promises to be a fascinating talk on revelations in the archive files from his father’s architectural office (‘Dick’ Le Sueur). Many other talks are in the pipeline.

An illustrated presentation on the history and architecture of the outstanding Havre des Pas area will be given by Stuart Fell in January 2023 at the Ommaroo Hotel, the date of which will be announced shortly.

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