A Celebration of Adolphus Curry


On 10 June 2023, as part of its 150th anniversary celebrations, the Société Jersiaise will

honour the life and work of one of Jersey’s most brilliant sons, the Victorian architect

and engineer Adolphus Curry.  In 1885, Curry was elected to the Société Jersiaise. He

almost immediately joined the Museum Committee and from 1892, he served on the

Comité Exéquetif.  Curry enjoyed international recognition within his lifetime. He was a

dedicated Freemason and advised on town affairs from drainage and dredging to road

widening and infant mortality. Today, Curry is usually remembered for his iconic

buildings like the Victoria Club and the Opera House, but to focus on these large,

flamboyant works perhaps does him an injustice. He was a remarkably skilled and

versatile architect and engineer who designed houses, the interior and exterior of

shops, pedestals for statues, factories, railway stations, a roller-skating rink, a pavilion,

hotels, an opera house, banks, schools, an orphanage, and ecclesiastical buildings.

The programme for the day includes:

10am & 2.15pm -Walking Tour’s (1hr) Adolphus Curry Historic Buildings, conducted by Stuart Fell.

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 10am & 2.15pm -Walking Tour’s (1hr) A Day in the Life of Curry, conducted by Melanie Cavey.

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11am – 2.30pm – Tour of Jersey’s Masonic Temple.

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1pm – 2pm: Talk on Adolphus Curry, presented by Trudy Mirza.

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3.30pm – Tour of Banjo’s.

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5pm – Vin d’Honneur at the Town Hall.

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