Raptors and Wildfowl at the Wetland Centre – Ornithology Section.


Despite the gloomy weather a good number of both new and experienced birders gathered at the National Trust for Jersey Wetland Centre to discover 

the avian wildlife of this SSI nature reserve.

 On the water were Shoveler, Teal and Mallard Duck, along with a Cormorant, whilst a Grey Heron loomed in the reed bed. 

Directly in front of the bird hide, some 19 Snipe with their perfect camouflage merged into the murky foliage at the waters edge.

The main spectacle of the evening was 14 Marsh Harrier gliding over the reeds searching for the ideal roost, as darkness fell over the wetlands. 

More Ornithology Section events will be organised for January 2024…

Romano Da Costa has provided the following photos:


Wetland Centre.

Male Marsh Harrier.