New Garden History blog and archive images


Martha MacDonald’s latest piece on the Société Jersiaise is now live and available here. Martha is in conversation with Pat Jackson, Garden History Section Chair and the blog includes a small selection of Garden History records from the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive.

Clianthus Trilium Corylopsis, Ozarda, St John, Spring 1984
Clianthus Trilium Corylopsis, Ozarda, St John, Spring 1984. The Long Collection, Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive

Pat discusses the history of the Section from its founding in 1987 by the late Frances Le Sueur and Margaret Long, the challenges facing garden history research and current projects. The archive images come from a recent accession produced by Roger and Margaret Long, documenting much of Margaret’s garden history interests and research, both before and through the early years of the Section’s activities.