Botany Visits


The Botany Section recently visited the Wildflower Hub at Samarès Manor. The Section members were shown the great work done by Jean Drydale and her team to raise and collect the seed of native Jersey wildflowers. The team has been busy collecting, sorting and storing the seed.

Another visit took members to Swiss valley where they saw a Mespilus germanica Medlar in fruit. There is a scattering of Medlar trees in the north east of Jersey indicating they are likely not native to the island but have naturalised in woodlands. During a rainy morning members visited the garden of a former member of the Botany Section Rosemary Bett, who sadly passed away recently, and saw her lawn with many Spiranthes spiralis Autumn Lady’s-tresses growing in it. Rosemary was very proud of her lawn and maintained it especially for the annual display of Autumn Lady’s-tresses. An unusual plant we found in the garden was Jasione montana Sheep’s-bit.

Jasione montana ‘Sheep’s bit’, found in the garden of the late Rosemary Bett, 2022.

Now that the daylight hours are shortening we resume our indoor meetings. Our first indoor meeting on 11th October will include a presentation on ‘Bryophytes for beginners’. The meeting will commence at 7.30 at the Société in the Arthur Mourant room.