Jersey Fern Anogramma leptophylla


Jersey Fern Anogramma leptophylla is the only annual fern in the British Isles.
Its only British sites are in Jersey and Guernsey , however it is found in many
places in Europe and its distribution is worldwide. Jersey Fern can be seen as
early as November each year and then the fronds fully develop in March and
April. By the summer the little fern has died off in the summer heat. Ten years
ago the Botany Section was aware of six sites for this native fern, however at
the time of writing the number of sites has increased to thirteen and there
might be more finds before the summer. With the increase in the number of
botanists searching for the fern and more botanical outings over the winter
months more sites have been found for Jersey Fern. The fern is small and can
grow under large grasses and other foliage so careful searches need to be
undertaken to find sites where the diminutive fern is growing. Anogramma
leptophylla is one of the island’s protected plants.

Anogramma leptophilla Jersey Fern
Anogramma leptophylla