Botany Section


Some interesting botanical finds during the summer.

Members of the Botany sections have been out exploring the coast and inland areas of the island as individuals or in group outings and have made some useful finds to add to our flora records. Alli Singleton found Small-flowered Crane’s-bill Geranium pusilum at Mont Ube.  A rarely recorded plant on the island, this single plant was a nice find.

Photo of Crane’s-bill below: Attributed by Alli Singleton.

Scarlet Pimpernel Anagallis arvensis is a common plant in waste places and roadside banks, just occasionally Anagalis arvensis caerulea a blue variant of this plant is found, often among a patch of flowering Scarlet Pimpernel.  While searching for interesting finds a member of Botany section Sheila Mallet unexpectedly came across one plant of Anagalis arvensis caerulea at la Rosiere.

Photo of the Blue Scarlet Pimpernel below.

Also at La Rosiere we made another discovery, a plant we had not recorded for many years, partly because it is so small was Ranunculus parviflorus Small-flowered Buttercup.  The flowers on this plant are rarely seen complete because the petals have a habit of dropping off.

Photo of Small-flowered Buttercup below.

The recent rains have meant that plants have thrived during the summer, unlike the hot summer of last year.  One plant that has prospered this year has been the delightful Tuberaria guttata Spotted Rock-rose. It has still been flowering profusely well into August.  It benefits from the fact that rabbits do not find it tasty and so it is allowed to persist.

Photo of the Spotted Rock Rose below.