In early spring many small plants that make use of the warming weather emerge to make use of the winter rains and the damp soil. Many of these early flowering plants have white flowers.  The sandy soils of Blanche Banques are renowned for small low growing flora popping up in the short turf. These plants are able to grow, blossom and produce seed before the warm weather of summer dries up the soil.

Cerastium diffusum  Sea Mouse-ear

It is essential to examine the sepals and petals of this Mouse-ear carefully to distinguish between the several species of Mouse-ear that are found on the dunes.

Moenchia erecta Upright Chickweed

Another white flowered small plant, the sharp white edged sepals help with the identification of this plant.

Teesdalia nudicaulis Shepherd’s Cress

When looking at this delicate plant the size of the flower is comparably large when compared to the small leaves,

Hornungia petraea Hutchinsia

The rosette of small, dark green divided leaves is the distinguishing feature of this tiny sand dune plant