Beginners Birdwatching


Ornithology Section

Despite the early start and rather doubtful weather, a group of about 10 joined the SJ Ornithology Section Beginners Birdwatching event at La Rocque on Sunday morning.

We stopped and watched a few Dark Bellied Brent Geese on the rough sea, then took the decision to walk inland away from the strong south-easterly which was blowing into the bay.

Rue du Pont and the flooded field at La Sente Mailard held some 500 grazing geese along with Grey Heron, Cattle Egret and Little Egret. We all enjoyed a good walk, in the relative stillness of the country lanes and sound of Brent Geese ‘nattering’ to each other.

The top learning point of the morning was the difference between Cattle Egret and Little Egret. The former have yellow bills and yellow or greyish legs whereas the latter have a black bill, black legs and yellow feet!

Look out for our next beginners event in March, where we will be studying the birds around St Ouens Pond.