International Megalithic Routes Day


Sunday 30th April 2023

The Société is a member of the Megalithic Routes Association, which is a Council of Europe sponsored organisation promoting megalithic culture and history. This year the theme is “Megaliths – Past and Present”.

In the last 150 years, the Société has undertaken many archaeological excavations of megalithic sites and has acquired by gift or otherwise a number to preserve them for future research. This is the “past” element.

The “present” is an exciting new research project which will be launched by the Archaeology Section on International Megalithic Routes Day at La Hougue Bie between 2 and 5pm. There will be a photographic display of our sites and what the new project will cover, as well as a table top display of Neolithic artefacts that may be found from this period. The Young Archaeologists will also be attending, and Section members will be present to explain the project in more detail.

Please save the date in your diaries!!